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Much has happened lately chez Anna.

New Book.

After writing ten straight series contemporary romances, I'm taking a nail-biting risk and venturing into the arcane world of spooks, suspense and skullduggery. I'll be honest with you, and say I'm not sure at this stage how romantic this new tale will turn out to be.

I do have one heartbreakingly gorgeous hero and a lovely heroine, so it might be hard for a romantic like me not to be lured down that serpentine path towards a happy ending! I'm fighting it, but we'll have to see!

I'll keep you updated!


  Well, whaddya know!

Guess who's out in North America as we speak? Only the lovely, tortured Shari and her ravishing lover, Luc. And I mean ravishing!





















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The business of writing:                                                  

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 When Honey Got Married...

It seems no time since Ally Blake, Kimberly Lang, Kelly Hunter and I were spruiking the fabulousness of our Entangled Romance Anthology "When Honey Got Married..."

Honestly, collaborating with those brilliant, funny, naughty women on those stories was so much fun and so inspiring, its no wonder the results were universally pleasing!

Well, here's the thing. The Honey stories are all being released as individual ebooks, starting from February 7!!!!

If you haven't yet read these luscious tales of Bellefleur, I earnestly encourage you to seize this opportunity.

The stories intertwine, with amazing characters popping up in one story that you will recognise from another, so by the time you finish them all you feel as if you know that seething southern town with its hot steamy nights and gossipy population very well!

Even so, each heroine stands alone on her own two feet and delivers a luscious burst of romance!

And oh, the heroes! (Fans herself)


Time to dress for the wedding, folks...

























          You are cordially invited to the Louisiana wedding of the decade.On a beautiful spring evening, in the grounds of the luscious Belles Fleurs plantation, Judge’s daughter Honore ‘Honey’ Moreau will marry eminently eligible Brent Delacroix.  Love is in the air!

Not only will you share the fortunes of Honey and her delectable groom, you may also be privy to some of the amazing adventures enjoyed by her old school friends, Grace and Eve, her sister Nina, and her high school rival Pippa.


"Grace felt the Heat"      by Kimberly Lang

"Eve Met Her Match"        by yours truly  

"Nina Tempted the Lord" by Kelly Hunter

"Pippa Bared All"             by Ally Blake

"Honey Lived Happily Ever After" by Ally Blake


Each of these tales of Bellefleur will be released as individual novellas weekly from February 7, 2014, starting with Grace. Pippa's gorgeous tale, along with Honey's, is released last of all in one fantastic volume.

 Eve makes her individual debut --demurely, of course!--on

 February 14, 2014. 


 The Romantic Times has given When Honey Got Married a magnificent 4 1/2 stars , (welll, they're only human) and reviewer Eve Polak declares it her Top Pick for the month. Here's some of what this discerning and highly intelligent woman has to say:

"This is a wonderful anthology with fantastic characters and varied plots, and the authors provide a lot of small-town details that make it charming and very realistic."

Many thanks for your kind words, Eve. Glad you enjoyed our world of Bellefleur. We had the most fun creating it! (I've always loved the name Eve! Funny I should have called my heroine that!)

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 Available for order now at www.amazon.com.

For more info about the books have a read of the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Naturally we know you can't always please everyone, but on this occasion most of our readers seem to feel we hit the spot!









 So what else is new?


Here she is in her French edition.  What say you? Magnifique?













And Spanish!
















And English:





"Indecent Arrangements"--an anthology which includes the bestselling novel "Do Not Disturb"  is to be released in April 2014. Here's her English cover-: (The anthology cover is not yet available.)